Valle de San Lorenzo is located about 3.5 kilometers east of the municipal capital, at an average altitude of 500 meters above sea level.

The entity is formed by the population centers of Cruz del Guanche, La Florida, Las Rosas del Guanche, Los Toscales and Valle de San Lorenzo.

It has the San Lorenzo Valley Primary and Secondary Education Center, a cultural center, a Cabildo office, a parish church, public squares, playgrounds, sports facilities, post office, gas station, pharmacy, health center, banks, As well as small shops, bars and restaurants.

Its landscape includes the geological formations known as Roque de Vento and the Roque de Jama, both Salic domes that are inserted in the remains of the old massif of Adeje. The Roque de Jama also forms part of the network of protected natural areas Natural Monument, being most of this space in the locality.